Why Us

Owning a Business without running the Business. Gaintz is connecting the world for you!

Disrupt the Power Dynamics of our Present World

Gaintz is more agile and quicker to respond to changing trends with high potential of changing the world. We can change the way people do business, people lifestyle and even restructure society with our full potential of connectivities. The ground-breaking internet technology can be used for a lot more than money in the current and future knowledge economy. Combining Gaintz Big Data and Internet Of Things are huge challenge for the next big thing to leverage data and revolve around increased things-to-things communication built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering providers.

What are the Gaintz benefits?

  • Increase Business Cash Flow, Repeat Sales & Revenue
  • Earn Out of Box with Gaintz Loyalty Ecosystems
  • Drive Targeted Virtual and Physical Visitors to you
  • Increase Purchasing Power & Financial Muscle
  • Gamification with Virtual Achievement Potential
  • Reduce Manual Works with Automation Processes
  • Reinventing Social Landscape with Rewards
  • Duplicable Business Model into other Countries
  • Platform for Anything, Anyone, Any Service, Any Path, Any Place & Anytime

Gaintz will handle and provide:

  • FREE system, mobile app, cloud server, implementation and customization
  • FREE external teams for implementation, support, sales and marketing
  • FREE A&P support for WeChat, Whatsapp, SMS* and Email* blasting
  • FREE unlimited co-branded card artwork designer service

The Internet of Things

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