What is Loyalty Ecosystem

Loyalty Ecosystem offer rewards to repeat customers in exchange for being able to keep track of usage, consumer preferences and buying habits within the world shopping community ecosystem to share long term profit sharing.

Gaintz partners with businesses and members through Loyalty Ecosystem for long term profit sharing

Loyalty ecosystem combines the effectiveness of Internet Of Things and Big Data to promote your business. It is not enough to have a system that promotes your business by making your business detectable and controllable, it is also important that you keep this system effective by keeping your existing customers. That's where Gaintz Loyalty Ecosystem comes into play. It is safe to say that as business owners one of our ultimate goals is to create customer loyalty. There is as much as a 80% cost reduction when selling to an existing customer compared to acquiring a new one. That's why it is important to intimately understand your customers and how your media ecosystem can generate leads and earn loyal customers. Gaintz has the 360-degree view of Big Data information needed to understand, analyse, connect, catch and nurture these empowered consumers to predict what happens next.

Gaintz is a profit sharing platform which transforms businesses from unstable lower income to stable income more than five folds their previous income. With Internet of Things, there are possibilities of exchanging and connecting data from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, GPS geotracking, traffic intelligent, website logs, mobile apps, user registration, retail smart cart, industrial sensors, medical statistics, sports update and much more. Using massive amount of external information and big data analytics to its full potential can add 60% to its operating margin that can give you superior insights into your customers' minds and behaviour.

Gaintz is a complex combination of your online and offline marketing channels that work together to deliver the ultimate customer experience and build brand loyalty. Gaintz connects your ability to understand your business's ecosystem. It is built as components for program customization which automatically integrate into one loyalty ecosystem. We have a term in Loyalty Ecosystem which is EARN OUT OF BOX. In every transaction, Gaintz gives member 75% of the profit and 25% to the network including sales team, agency and merchant. You earn money on your customers when they aren't even shopping with you and have other merchants send you their customers!

Gaintz is designed in such a way that members get rewarded for spending, using mobile app, view advertisement, login to portal, visiting shops, playing, viewing games, recycling, working and many more. To be effective you need to constantly listen, engage, measure and adapt. As the digital landscape changes so does your online and offline ecosystems. It is always evolving and integrating. If you stay in-tune, you can adapt your marketing efforts to reflect the changes in your ecosystem.

Gaintz has a powerful infinite profit sharing plan from cross platform, cross merchant, cross advertisement and cross country for everyone including merchant, member and sales network. Member earns profit by Using, Viewing, Visiting, Playing, Recycling, Working, Spending and many more coming soon. This is EARN OUT OF BOX.

Gaintz Ecosystem Platform

There are basically three types of Loyalty Points.

  1. Discount Voucher for redemption at 1:1 ratio: Most loyalty systems require lot of loyalty points to enable them have equal value of single dollar. For instance, 200 points amounts to a singular dollar in these systems. However, in Gaintz, 200 points equals 200 dollar. In Malaysia this is RM in value. Now you must have been thinking how we came about this effective system that offers this kind of benefit to its members. You are absolutely right if you call our system the best system. After all, no other system in the universe can offer you this.
  2. Cash Point: Members can use cash point as cashless payment. Members are not allowed to top up money to us. We encourage our members to spend and use our system more and more. Members earn cash points from Gaintz and this earnings comes mostly from cash rebate. Other methods to earn cash points include; pay-per-visit (this is earned by visiting the site without spending), viewing of adverts and many more.
  3. Entry Point: This involves monthly lucky draw where members have the opportunity to win cash point. Your chances of winning is determined by the number of times you login into the system, number of usages and many more through our mobile app, website, door & lift access, etc.

You can liken our cash point ratio to that of bitcoin except that our system is safer because we know who is our merchant and customer. In case you don’t know, bitcoin’s money is generated from mining peer-to-peer software from computer processing resources and this money printing created a big problem to the national bank. You may be wondering how Gaintz is able to redeem its members with huge rewards, I mean enabling members to have for themselves equal value of point per single dollar. Here is the secret. The money is gotten from the reseller discount that Gaintz gives back to ecosystem to increase revenue and reduce cost. Gaintz generates its cash point from real money of the reseller discount given by merchant. Our system offers all the services that bitcoin offer, except the bitcoin mining which poses big problem for the national bank.

Build Loyalty and Grow Sales from All Shoppers!

Loyalty ecosystem combines consumer transaction data and multi-channel reach for a seamless, relevant engagement. Retailers, manufacturers and fuel brands engage shoppers 1:1 and deliver value that drive sales - more customers, more trips and larger baskets.