Earn Out Of Box

Rewards by Using, Viewing, Visiting, Playing, Recycling, Working, Spending and many more...

MAXIMISE your Potential and Revenue to Earn Outside The Box

Gaintz has powerful profit sharing plan from cross platform, cross merchant, cross advertisement and cross country for everyone including merchant, member and sales network to enjoy the maximum profit. More members carrying your co-branded card or mobile app means more profit sharing will channel back to you when member spending elsewhere. Customers won't spend at the same shop everyday, they will spend more at other shops.

Gaintz is designed with a unique formula:

  • Member cannot top up money. Member has to earn from our easy platform.
  • Merchant does not need to pay up-front deposit money for Merchant Account.

MERCHANT earns infinite profit sharing from:

  • Other Merchant Advertisements
  • When Member Spending Elsewhere (even non-participating merchant via DEAL website)
  • Selling Loyalty Co-branded Cards (branding awareness)

MEMBER earns infinite profit sharing from:

  • Merchant Advertisements
  • Targeted Physical Pay Per Visit* (at participating merchant physical shop)
  • Save and Earn with Cash Back from every purchase
  • 75% of Gaintz Reseller Discount (giving back to member to increase purchasing power)
  • Using, Viewing, Visiting, Playing, Recycling, Working and Spending

Click here for more information about Loyalty Ecosystem to Earn Outside The Box.

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Gaintz loyalty membership allows you to:

Earn cash back from your spending.
Earn from your lifestyle connectivity through Internet of Things.
(pay per view, per click, per visit, per use, per play, per work, etc.)