Group CEO's Statement

Bridging Business And Technology with "Things". The Future Is Now!

What do we do with an enormous gargantuan of data generated daily? What will we create from the global networks of connectivity among people, animals, devices, objects and other data providers? How will we use these daily data to engage with an emerging global culture to maximize everyone's potential?

To capture the potential, Gaintz has strongly positioned for the future with solution by connecting all Big Data & Internet Of Things with Loyalty Ecosystems (the future Financial Technology, Marketing & Big Data Analytics Platform).

The Internet has a major transformative influence on the global economy. The Internet-based economy has a bright future with Gaintz, which is providing all the key conditions such as trust, security, education and the right policy frameworks to promote participation, innovation, trade, competition and investment. The importance of access to open, secure and resilient communication and cloud infrastructures around the world was stressed. It is equally important that developing countries can fully participate in the Internet economy. As the Internet economy develops, it will integrate more deeply into society, often with normative implications. The Internet economy has already changed people views on doing business in many economic sectors such as retail, banking, trade and in most industries. It is reshaping your company and Gaintz believes it will reshape the entire industry. Big data is expected to play an important role in digital innovation in the coming years. Innovation and economic growth will depend on various factors such as access to capital, a skilled workforce and, not least, trust of end users.

Today we live in the digital world and digital transformation is everywhere. The new consumer is empowered and expects personalized, intelligent products and services. Companies need to interact with these consumers in real-time, based on a 360-degree view, to satisfy them and meet their needs. The segment of one is the key theme. Competitive and regulatory pressure can serve as catalysts for operational excellence. This requires next-generation processes, which are highly automated and adaptive to support decision making in real-time. More than ever, it is of utmost importance to react to this state of the art accordingly and get prepared for the digital transformation. Gaintz is the only platform that accommodates with all the latest trend to fulfil the 21th century generation requires life style. Driven by the combination of ever-growing digitization and evolving consumer demands, digital transformation is the use of new technologies (Cloud, Mobile, Data, and Networks) to drive significant business improvements. This includes capitalizing on new opportunities as well as effectively transforming existing business with loyalty rewards.

Gaintz main objective is to collect priceless Big Data and it is far more expensive than the profit you can earn. Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information. Big Data is the current technology trend. Gaintz Big Data is like a data collection mechanism that will record, finding inside, predict, forecast and analyse all the consumer behaviour, purchasing pattern, total clicks, wish list, bookmark/favourite, viewed products, search history, common usage and many more daily activities. Advanced analytics mean that businesses can better understand their customers and prospects. By knowing customer's patterns will help us establish a better relationship and engagement with today's customer. These are priceless lead to a new source of revenue, optimizing solution and reinventing people lifestyle.

The Internet has become a key strategic aspect of our societies, and our societies have become increasingly dependent upon them. It affects us all on a daily basis and has the potential to transform people’s lives for the better with a new lifestyle experiences. To fully reap the benefits of information and communication technology, further investments are needed to ensure a free, open and secure platform that work very well with Gaintz mission. We have laid a strong foundation for each of the business groups to scale and sustain their competitiveness for future development and expansion. Spurred by the rapid convergence of cloud computing, Big Data, enterprise and social mobility as well as an e-commerce boom which are fuelling the increase in global data centre investments, we believe we are well-poised to capitalise on these industry trends to create better value for shareholders.

Now is the time to put principles into practice and to address needs with solutions. I am deeply proud of the global Gaintz teams, business partners and customers for bringing us here and I am grateful to you, our shareholders, for your unwavering support. I hope you share our excitement and opportunity, together, we build a brighter future on a smarter world. We look forward to continuing our successful work together to maximize everyone's potential and revenue. Gaintz's appetite to innovate and create new opportunities for growth is as strong as ever. Thank you.

Samuel Lee
Group CEO & Managing Director